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About Pellets ยป Stainless Steel Shot

Stainless Steel shot Produced By Cutting Wire

Our particular specialty is in stainless steel cut-wire shot. Stainless steel cut-wire shot is being used in an increasing number of important applications where ferrous contamination in blasting stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, or other non ferrous work objects could be harmful. It is also used in peening these metals (stainless steel, titanium, brass or aluminum) in work objects that are subject to stress corrosion cracking. Shot produced from type 302/304 stainless steel has a hardness in the 50– 60 Rockwell C range. This has proven to be an ideal hardness for most shot peening applications. Our shot is certified to meet AMS-S-13165, SAE J441, and AMS 2431/4. Our shot is available in conditioned form (spherical) with certification to existing aircraft specifications for roundness, particle size, and weight. Conditioned cut-wire shot has a Rockwell C hardness of 50 to 60 HRC depending on size

Stainless shot is also available in a 316 grade. This is a higher nickel-bearing grade and offers superior corrosion resistance in heat exchangers and fluidized beds. Being non magnetic, it can be used in tumbling or vibratory applications where magnetic separation is desired. This material has a Rockwell C hardness of 30 – 35. Type 430 is available where lower hardness media is desired. This is a straight chrome grade and has a Rockwell C hardness of approximately 35.  Type 430 cut wire shot is often used to deburr aluminum castings because it is not as hard as 302/304 stainless while still not contaminating the non ferrous workobject.


The economic case for using stainless cut wire shot in peening and blast cleaning operations is quite easy to make.  Cut wire does not fracture or breakdown during use because it is a solid piece.  As a result several positive things occur:

  • Stainless cut wire shot has a significantly longer useful life than cast steel shot or grit and carbon cut wire shot
  • Dust generation is significantly lower so blasting operations are much cleaner
  • Stainless cut wire produces excellent results because of its uniformity and strength
  • It will make you a "Greener" organization because disposal of spent media will be significantly reduced (You won't need as much shot, inventory requirements will be lower and in-bound freight less)
  • You will NOT introduce ferrous contamination to non ferrous castings or work objects as occurs with the use of cast steel or carbon cut wire shot

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